The Stay Introverted Podcast: Episode 7

Hey Introvert Fam,

We hope this message finds you in the calm before the Thanksgiving storm!  We're excited to announce that Episode 7 of the Stay Introverted Podcast is live, and it's a special Thanksgiving edition you won't want to miss.

In this episode, Steph and I delve into the perils of navigating Thanksgiving as introverts. From managing the noise of family gatherings to handling the inevitable barrage of questions, we share our experiences and offer tips on how to make it through the holiday season with your social battery intact.

What You Can Expect:

  • Surviving the Noise: Learn strategies for dealing with the sensory overload that often comes with Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Coping with Invasive Questions: Discover how to gracefully handle those well-meaning but invasive inquiries from relatives.
  • Preserving Your Energy: Get tips on making it through the holiday without feeling completely drained.

🎧 How to Tune In: Ready to join us for a Thanksgiving-themed chat? Episode 7 is now available on your favorite podcast platform. Whether you prefer Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or another platform of choice, we've got you covered.

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Catch Up on Previous Episodes! If you haven't caught up on our earlier episodes, now's the perfect time. From growing up introverted to managing social situations, we've covered a range of topics with plenty of introverted wisdom and humor.

🚀 New Episodes Every Tuesday Don't forget – new episodes drop every Tuesday, ensuring a weekly dose of introvert-friendly content.

Wishing you a peaceful and introvert-friendly Thanksgiving,


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