The Stay Introverted Podcast: Episode 4

Hey Introvert Fam,

The Stay Introverted Podcast just dropped Episode 4, and we're diving into the secret world of introvert math. What's introvert math, you ask? It's all those quirky, unique things we introverts do that only make sense to our fellow quiet souls.

Episode 4: Decoding Introvert Math 🧠➗✨ In this episode, Steph and I unravel the mysteries of introvert math – those equations that seem peculiar to others but resonate deeply with us. From the perfect balance of alone time to the intricate calculations involved in deciding whether to attend a social event, we spill the beans on the equations that define our introverted lives.

🎙️ How to Tune In: Ready to crack the code of introvert math? Episode 4 is now live on your preferred podcast platform – be it Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you prefer to indulge in your podcast adventures.

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Catch Up on Previous Episodes! If you've missed Episodes 1 to 3, don't worry. You can binge-listen to our previous episodes and join us on this journey of celebrating the introverted way of life.

🚀 New Episodes Every Tuesday Remember, new episodes of the Stay Introverted Podcast drop every Tuesday, bringing you more insights, laughs, and relatable moments from the introvert's perspective.

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