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Hey Introvert Fam,

The Stay Introverted Podcast is officially here! Tune in each week as my co-host, Steph Laffey, and I talk all about that introvert life.

What can you expect from the Stay Introverted Podcast?

Honest Thoughts & Points of View: We're not holding back. We're sharing our unfiltered thoughts and points of view on introversion, giving you an open and honest perspective.

Breaking Down Stereotypes: It's time to dismantle the misconceptions that surround introverts. We'll break down stereotypes that have held us back for far too long.

Busting Myths: We're myth-busters when it comes to introversion. Get ready to dispel the common myths and misunderstandings about what it means to be an introvert.

Sharing Our Experiences: We'll share personal stories and experiences that you can relate to, helping you realize that you're not alone in your introverted journey.

Embracing Life as Introverts: Let's celebrate the introverted way of life! We'll offer tips, insights, and encouragement for navigating the extroverted world while staying true to your introverted self.

New episodes drop every Tuesday, so make sure set your calendars. And you can check out all of our episodes on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform. 


Stay Introverted.


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